Basics for recruiting

Objective: Support the team.
You want to help the *SEXY'S* CTF crew? If you think you're the right one for our team - write your application here.
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Basics for recruiting

Post by fr0stig » 28 Dec 2011 22:59

Want to join the *SEXY'S* CTF Team?

There are some things that we'd like to see from you:
  • Good Behavior
  • Good English
  • Not overreacting or aggressive
  • Being a well known player on *SEXY'S* CTF Servers
  • Being an active player
  • Be friendly to all players (except the cheaters, tkers and the idiot's ;-))
  • Don't be a troublemaker!
If you think you pass all these points, try to write an application and we will give you an answer what we think about it.

If you write your application please include the following:
  • Your age
  • Where you're from
  • What your online times are
  • Why you think you're the right one
* Last updated on the 28. Dec 2011 *