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Recruiting 4 dust cleaning

Posted: 05 Sep 2018 20:33
by Wick
Applying for all job requiered and needed

Your age: 41
Where you're from: Portugal
What your online times are: Since there are players in, I'm there...
Why you think you're the right one: Only you guys can tell if I'm up to it, but I think spight the TK's and shit (not on purpose) I'm a nice guy with good judgement... :D

Re: Recruiting 4 dust cleaning

Posted: 05 Sep 2018 21:34
by Flyer
Hi Wick !

I just gonna give you my point of you for your request, but I don't have last word. :)

Exemplary is the first word for being admin on "SEXY'S* serv, and it seems that you have been banned, and not only once, for bad language. And you have to be more carefull with your nades and TKs.

Moreover, in my mind we are actualy enough admins, at least 10 more or less active admins.

Anyway, for my vote, you just have to be more exemplare and take care of others.
About being a regular, I have no problem with that, and I sent a request for you.


Re: Recruiting 4 dust cleaning

Posted: 05 Sep 2018 22:47
by Wick
Ty flyer. No worries. I'll keep the HK away... and be more regardless twords others. My request stands for only basic commands like !teams... not worried about admin previleges. Only because I spend a lot of time on the server, and see a lot of shit. My last ban was because was tk'ed by an admin and not knew him as so... and i Told him he was bolcking me with the flag to base and give him a shot, and also told him he was a f****kin noob in team chat: quote: Fucking noob. You were blocking me!! Duno Who he is, but I'm sorry about my behavior.

Re: Recruiting 4 dust cleaning

Posted: 05 Sep 2018 22:50
by Wick
yed... You Will tell if I'm worthy or not.

C U In...