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Posted: 19 Oct 2019 22:17
by KElite
I was banned 3 days for that sentence when a n00b admin balanced a match 3 times on 9:0 (this means USELESS balance on a map like blitzkrieg...).

Well you know what: a ban for such sentece = that admin is really a STUPID, TARD and DEMENT (I want to be precise that only admin, not the others).
It happens, there is limit to intelligence, not to stupidity.

63652 fsociety TempBan Saturday, 19/10/2019 (22:11) Tuesday, 22/10/2019 (22:11) Rule #4: No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players

In italian it is said: YOU ARE A TESTA DI CAZZO. Keep it, you are marked.

To all other admins: try to work on quality of your people. (Something it was done at least after Einstein's case).


Posted: 20 Oct 2019 10:53
by ZagaTaga
Hi KElite,

Well, you are lucky its 3 days and not more if it was another admin.

We are not stupid. We are just normal so we dont need a guy like you treating admins as stupids. And in your situation it was the autobalance not the admin.

Try to watch your language next time. and focus only on you. Others and Einstein are not your problem.

You come you play you have fun and you leave.

Best regards


Posted: 22 Oct 2019 08:43
by KElite

that's interesting: you are telling me you are running a script that changes autobalance "levels" during a match? On 9:0 with a capture limit of 10?
Well, I guess more work to do for you, to better instruct the AI behind it, which is badly failing now.
Implementing a more efficient !teams would suffice and is (was?) kinda missing to the bot... when many captures in your server happen during unfair teams of 13 vs 11 players, as well as a (quicker) kick for AFK players. Moving them to spec, keeps the slot occupied on a busy server like yours.
Anyway, that was a balance, it happened 3 times during a match of less than 10 minutes on a "usually" quick map? The last of such 3 times was on a score of 9:0... again: if it was a script, you have work to do there. May be would be easier to use the existing tools as suggested above.

Coming to the real topic here: you say it was an algorithm, that instead of just kicking me banned me for 3 days?
Look, the kick was deserved (and it would not be criticized at all), I could even live with a ban for 1 day (also quite fair/deserved also).

Not that I give really a damn about 3 days of gameplay, I have a server on my own and despite the less slots it offers (10+2 reserved), people join and have fun also there. Same people that play here... especially the ones who don't like smoke and goggles: strategic, but too many times abused by cheaters... and reducing fps on not correctly designed map.

It is just the proportion. May be I snap sometimes, so again i wouldn't really take a 1 day ban as excessive.
Last suggestion: to make it fair, on a public server and for all players, close to the rules, show the (minimum) days of a ban in case of each rule infringement. It would make even the training of your admins easier.