Objective: Ban inquiry.
You have been banned and you think you haven't done anything?
Then contact us here and tell us your story.
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Post by iuoa » 19 Oct 2019 13:59

this is happahappa

apparently, i got banned for autojoining.

but what actually happens is: i autojoin as always...
bot moves me in another team.
Hek kicks me for autojoin.
I explain to him what happened, after i reconnected and autojoined again.
Hek bans me :D.

Great job!
Just behave like a dick and don't talk to the players or just ignore them and assume you are right.

Not just that i get banned without warning and no real reason, server moderation almost never goes against the truly toxic elements on the server, while players who are supporting a good game and are regular players get treated like that.

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Re: happahappa

Post by avionic » 02 Jul 2020 02:06

same as me dude. no warning directly ban.

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