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Re: inlightment section

Post by Hold_Still » 11 Jan 2012 04:39

Thx :)
Lol, that’s our National anthem :)

Here is a better one from Portugal, a Portuguese poet - Fernando Pessoa - wrote this poem in portuguese, here it's translated, line by line, to English:

Set ope all shutters, that the day come in
Abram-se as janelas e que entre o dia
Like a sea or a din!Como um mar de ruído!
Let not a nook of useless shade compel
Nem reste um canto de vã sombra a compelir
Thoughts of the night, or tell
Pensares noturnos, ou contar
The mind's comparing that some things are sad,
Ao cotêjo da mente que há coisas tão tristes
For this day all are glad!
Neste dia de tanta alegria.
'Tis morn, 'tis open morn, the full sun is
É manhã, manhã aberta, o pleno Sol
Risen from out the abyss
Ascendeu do abismo
Where last night lay beyond the unseen rim
Onde à noite estêve além do inviso arco
Of the horizon dim.
Do horizonte fôsco.
Now is the bride awaking. Lo! she starts

Hope u guys n girls like it :)

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